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Buf•a•lo•san•ti abbr. (verb)
1. A journey through the American Southwest
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god is a pyromaniac.


a trailer for our film "The Coffers"

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the sky is full of stars.

a bunch of sueños, y'all.


. supermoon 2011



using tools is not only permitted,

it is encouraged.

swimming upstream builds our strenght,

it also creates a very nice breeze.

if you feel like none of it matters,

you're not having enough fun.

all of the lights


wide open like barry lyndon

....(speaking figuratively)

An innocent opossum ponders the mysteries of the universe; past, present, and future.

when it rains it shines



* eric can currently be found searching the urban or natural wilderness in search of the next cool thing to look at.

* we have a few feature film projects are in the works, and we hope to entertain you with cinema that is set apart from that which you are otherwise likely to experience.

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good afternoon,

my name is eric wilson and i enjoy movie-related things:
pictures, sounds, combinations thereof.
please enjoy the images…

ask about our high-resolution prints and our stock footage library.

y'all come along and say hello, ya'hear?